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Hurricane Season

The above pic is funny, but not as funny as the article I’ve linked in below showing the sheet stupidity of vast numbers of the US public…


US Terrorist Attacks in 2016


“How incredible is this… the United States is technically not at war with any country right now but dropped more than 26,000 bombs in just 2016 and this under a “anti-war” President. We have an entire generation of Americans who have lived only under a system of “perpetual war”. The time is long overdue to redefine these issues.”

~ Ben Swann

When a Nation Makes a Stupid Decision


“When one person makes a stupid decision, it can be attributed to simple human error.

But when a nation makes a stupid decision, it’s a warning sign of entrenched weakness, ignorance and decline.

America has showed us, for two years, just how troubled it is by standing at the edge of the cliff.

Today it jumped off.”

~ Abdul-Latif Halimi



Interesting points made by the Muslim Debate Initiative regarding the propensity towards violence in the West compared to some Muslim countries.

It’s a very long post, so I’ve only included the first part which is MDI’s commentary, you’ll need to click on the link to get their full report and the polling they quote from GALLUP.

Source: Americans are 4 times more likely to say “killing civilians is sometimes justified” than Muslims in Middle East

MDI Comment: This GALLUP survey reveals something quite contrary to the Islamophobic and ‘counter-extremist’ narratives propounded by pundits and government officials around ideology and ‘radicalisation’. It reveals that people in the U.S. are four times more likely to justify killing civilians as “sometimes justified” than the average respondent in the well known areas of the Muslim world (North Africa and Middle East [MENA]).

Almost 50% of Americans say they believe the deliberate targeting and killing of civilians is “sometimes justified”, compared with a MENA average of 14%.

The same survey also found that an alarming 33% of UK respondents also believe that targeting civilians is sometimes justified!

When the survey compared results from Muslim-majority countries and compared them with non-Muslim majority countries (which includes ones from asia and africa) found that respondents from Muslim-majority countries were 6% less likely on the whole to say that killing civilians by military operations were “sometimes justified”.

If we take into consideration a poll by Pew in 2012  showing the majority of people in the MENA region support the establishment of Sharia as the official law of the state (74%), an analyst would conclude that the only link between belief in Sharia and the justification of violence against civilians (i.e. terrorism), would be that belief in sharia makes someone LESS likely to justify terrorism (which it defined as deliberate targeting of civilians), than say, an average american (who is likely an adherent of their state’s ideology of Secular Liberalism).

Perhaps what the Muslim world needs to reduce terrorism, is more Sharia and less imitation of the violence-justifying mentality that Pew has shown is quite widespread in prominent Western countries like the U.S (and Israel).