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UKIP’s Leader Calls for Burka Ban

UKIP’s parody of a leader, Paul Nuttall said you can’t communicate with someone whose face you can’t see… and I kid you not, he actually said this on the radio.


The Officer said whether I had anything to say in my defense, I said “no comment.” a mealy mouthed reply.

Just to prove that trolling idiots on the internet can actually be a productive use of a person’s time, it has now been revealed that the racist, Islamophobic muppet Matthew P Doyle has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police for ‘suspicion of incited to racial hatred.’

Here is the original tweet from the Muppet in question.

a mealy mouthed reply original

Here are some of the many hundreds of replies…

a mealy mouthed reply replies

As we can see he was widely mocked and parodied on twitter and online until Matthew ended up deleting his tweet. However not before spending hours defending himself, then attempting to backtrack and claiming it was a joke, before going full in  there racist hulk mode and calling Muslims ‘towel heads’ and asking people to vote UKIP.

a mealy mouthed reply towelhead

The Croydon Advertiser, the local newspaper had this  to say:

A MAN who posted on Twitter that he had “confronted” a Muslim woman in Croydon about the terror attacks in Brussels has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

The Metropolitan Police said: “A 46-year-old man was this evening arrested at his home in Croydon on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media.

“He has been taken to a south London police station and enquiries continue.”

Shortly before 8am this morning a post appeared on the Twitter account of Matthew Doyle which said: “I confronted a Muslim women [sic] yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said “nothing to do with me”. A mealy mouthed reply,”

Thank you Matthew P Doyle and the Met Police for cheering up our day.