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In any aspect of our deen it is important to be balanced, to not fall into extremes of partisanship either for or against but  to look at the evidence and tease out the truth of the matter with balance and fairness.

In this important talk, Dr Muhammad Musa Al-Shareef discusses the origins of the Sufis and Sufism, how it contains some goodness as well as bad and how they’ve gone further and further astray as time has gone on.

“I had to stress this point at the beginning as some think the sufis are all deluded, ignorant and in the wrong. On the other hand, there are some people who regard Sufis as authorities in relgion and examples of true Muslims. In fact, both are extreme views. The moderate view is that Sufis are a sect of Muslims; we can adopt their sound views and give up their false ones.”
Dr Muhammad Musa Al-Shareef – The History of Sufism