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Dr Bilal Philips – Practicing Islam in Modern Society

“There is no such thing as modern Islam, liberal Islam, Islam is Islam.”

A brilliant talk by Dr Bilal Philips on how in reality, the problems faced by the Muslims today are the same as those faced by the Muslims in the past, that the answers to our problems are in the Quran and the Sunnah, just as they have always been.

One of the best speeches from one of the best speakers out there, who has not compromised on the message in all his years calling to Allah, unlike so many other du’at in the English language.


Tim Wise – Pathology of White Privilege

This is it… this is the video that finally helped me ‘get it’ when it came to the subject of white privilege a few years ago.

I know Tim Wise has done other later talks in more recent years, continues to address issues of race and inequality from a white perspective but this for me is my favourite, most powerful speech of his I’ve listened to. Maybe as it affected me so much.

And yes… I know he is a non-Muslim, and will occasionally say things as a Muslims we will not agree with but on the subject of racial inequalities, white privilege and the massive problems built up into modern day societies around  these issues he speaks the truth and we should respect that.


big beardHow come most of the brothers we hear going on about polygamy being their right, and it being part of the sunnah cannot even establish the sunnah over their own chin and cheeks and grow a beard?

(I’m talking about those who can grow a beard of-course, no blame is attached to those who cannot in Islam)

Actually the beard is wajib, according to the strongest evidence, however this only reinforces the point.

Islam Q&A – Is the beard obligatory or just a sunnah?

Yes brothers you claim polygamy is the sunnah, and you are right, it is, but so are many other things which are easier to practice which you miss out on.

If in this society all the pressure from cultures – east and west, society, family, career and education is to shave and you cannot even grow more than a few days stubble on your cheeks how can you seriously expect to cope with all the pressures when it comes to a much more difficult matter like polygamy?