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Don’t look at me, git. I aint gunna do that
Go realise her worth first u selfish prat
U ain’t the victim here please stop whining
While she’s at home busting her guts here u are pining
checking Wutt, like four different chicks at once?
All Married, might I add that u playing ur chance
What kind of a weasel preys on those spoken for
Ur gross, u know that? A predator for sure
Their partners don’t deserve this ur a low life scum
How do u go to sleep at night ur conscience must be numb!

Now u lookin at me as if I’d cave in
Ur sweet words were stretched a bit too thin
I sussed u out the moment u bragged
U thought I’d find u charming but ur words had me gagged
Now a few questions running through my mind
Like what the hell are u doing what u hoping to find?
You have a fine wife at home go take a look
She’s all naturally beautiful down to every cranny n nook

But u fishing out for girls that have filtered selfies?
Perve on their body while they bat at u with their falsies?
Their beauty so deceptive, yup I do imply
Their whole makeup is fake man it takes hours to apply
Your mrs is gorgeous and she’s ur baby’s mother
No comparison to be had u wont find another
Stop looking for her faults it’s a ugly trait
Look at all she does for u, u wreckless ingrate

In fact I dunno what she sees in u, ur a two timing git
U know ur doing wrong, but u refuse to admit it
It ain’t like ur guaranteed years to live
And when u die have u thought what’s gunna give?
Work things out with ur wife it’s the least owe
Drop ur nastiness its gotta go
Ul be held accountabile
Suit urself or be responsible
Don’t look in others what u can find in ur wife
Cause of ur selfish desires you’ve ruined her life
She could have had it better but she’s stuck with u
I guess that’s her challenge she has to live through.


I’ll not re-post the picture or the story here, but I am sure many of you saw the internet 15 minutes of fame sensation of the sister who took selfies at a far right rally which has got the social media types all happy and righteous in the past few days.

But I want you to sit back, think about her actions for a minute, especially those of you who may have shared these images yourself, just ask yourself is her deed in any way in accordance with the teachings of Islam?

If you think a sister showing off in public, taking selfies at a far right rally is helping the Ummah because it is ‘brave’ or ‘helps breaks down stereotypes’ then you are deluded and you don’t understand why Allaah has placed us in this mess or what the problems are in the Ummah in the first place.

These images are going to be seen by tens if not hundreds of thousands of ghair mahram men around the world through the media and net, yet so many Muslims, people who consider themselves politically or socially aware and active in the Muslim community are cheering her on in her sinful deeds and also therefore encouraging others to do the same.

The solution to our problems is returning to the deen of Allaah, correcting our mistakes, correcting the mistakes of others, not in aping the worse aspects of culture of the disbelievers.

As Malik bin Anas (d.179AH) rahimahullah said, “The last of this nation will not be corrected except by what corrected the first of this nation.”