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dublin graffiti

This is how they deal with anti-Muslim graffiti in Ireland, a land which has known it’s own fair share of difficulties with racism and religious based prejudice in the recent past and it’s good to see that in some parts of the British Isles a culture of tolerance and respect can still exist.

Now I may be biased as I’m of Irish decent, but I can say that with only a few exceptions, the response from the Irish people when they see people like myself on Dawah stalls or just walking in the street is one of comradeship, telling us that they know what is is like to be subject to oppression and suspicion whilst living in the UK as well as their own history of several centuries of English / British occupation.

Though there are always going to be some complaints of small minded prejudice in every society, it was also nice to see that whilst the rest of Europe has been having difficulties with far right marches and demonstrations, the Irish have found their own solution in dealing with such people as seen in the video below from the attempt to hold a PEDIGA demonstration in Dublin earlier this year.

May Allaah guide the Irish people for all their efforts in fighting facism to learn the truth about Islam, may Allaah guide them and keep them firm upon his path, may He raise them up as a people firm in justice and upon the Haqq, ameen