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Raza Nadim – Ex-Muslims Like An “Ex” That Won’t Go Away

“Some of these *public* “ex-Muslims” are happy to be used as pawns by the establishment to demonise Islam.

Most I’ve seen publicly can’t get over that they had crap parents and are holding us all to account for them. Not my fault that you and your parents never understood Islam and/or that they used the name of the faith to justify beating the crap out of you.

Also, why is there a surprise that communities that define themselves by their faith won’t accept someone that is no longer of their faith?

Why do we HAVE to accept you?

No one is saying you should get your head kicked in*, but I don’t understand why they really want to be accepted by a community they voluntarily left?

They’re like an “ex” that won’t go away. We’ve moved on. Stop calling us.”

~ Raza Nadim


first date rape rise

“There’s been an increase in rape of young women in Britain on first dates.

Using white supremacist logic, we should take this as indication of something wrong with all white people and their culture right? Oh wait, that’s a stupid bigoted way of thinking – but this is how Muslims are treated constantly.”

~ Raza Nadim