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There is no sound more dear to me
When facing distress and agony
Than that of sweet silence; the peace it brings
Like the thud of hitting the earth as if it’s clipped off the wings
That very moment, materialistic values is irrelevant
Everything you’ve ever strove to achieve was only to your own detriment
It’s when you realise nothing matters except for what’s beckoning you
By then you’re too out of it to rewind, as a feeble attempt to undo
Cause you’re at the brink of your death and the veil has come off
While the devil has grasped on to your weak soul hard enough
Whispering words of pleasure that you indulged in
Finalising your deeds of shameless sin
Oh, you’re too weak to utter any good
The shahada’s not coming to your lips as it should
You hear yourself stutter the songs you blasted through your earphones
As fatality takes over, your sinful soul dreadfully moans…


Don’t look at me, git. I aint gunna do that
Go realise her worth first u selfish prat
U ain’t the victim here please stop whining
While she’s at home busting her guts here u are pining
checking Wutt, like four different chicks at once?
All Married, might I add that u playing ur chance
What kind of a weasel preys on those spoken for
Ur gross, u know that? A predator for sure
Their partners don’t deserve this ur a low life scum
How do u go to sleep at night ur conscience must be numb!

Now u lookin at me as if I’d cave in
Ur sweet words were stretched a bit too thin
I sussed u out the moment u bragged
U thought I’d find u charming but ur words had me gagged
Now a few questions running through my mind
Like what the hell are u doing what u hoping to find?
You have a fine wife at home go take a look
She’s all naturally beautiful down to every cranny n nook

But u fishing out for girls that have filtered selfies?
Perve on their body while they bat at u with their falsies?
Their beauty so deceptive, yup I do imply
Their whole makeup is fake man it takes hours to apply
Your mrs is gorgeous and she’s ur baby’s mother
No comparison to be had u wont find another
Stop looking for her faults it’s a ugly trait
Look at all she does for u, u wreckless ingrate

In fact I dunno what she sees in u, ur a two timing git
U know ur doing wrong, but u refuse to admit it
It ain’t like ur guaranteed years to live
And when u die have u thought what’s gunna give?
Work things out with ur wife it’s the least owe
Drop ur nastiness its gotta go
Ul be held accountabile
Suit urself or be responsible
Don’t look in others what u can find in ur wife
Cause of ur selfish desires you’ve ruined her life
She could have had it better but she’s stuck with u
I guess that’s her challenge she has to live through.


They told me to keep it hush hush
But i cant cause it’s been waiting in ambush
Now I know what I need to do to end this
Locked inside my car im ready to dismiss

Look at my mother and sister crying hysterically
Banging on the doors and windows frantically
Their eyes wild with fear, the kind I too well recognise
Begging me to stop, watching them agonise

I cannot live it’s not the guilt alone
I sought great pleasure in battlefield and war zone
Western hero, the great soldier I was
Seeking great pleasure getting a kick and a buzz

While watching the life suck out of my victim’s eyes
Their family pleading me to stop as each one dies
They were all innocent that we knew so well
But were they humans? We couldn’t tell
They weren’t civilised like we are- so we were told
They didn’t deserve their property; natural resources like oil and gold

Many war crimes committed we proudly boast
We tortured them terribly more than most
It was only after we came back to our lives
We realised with us our victim survives

The blood on my hands I could never shake off
Never felt at peace always uneasy and rough
The docs pescribed some ineffective med
Only sent me over the edge cause now I see the dead

My soldier buddies all committed suicide
I was the only one of them left that hadn’t died
But now I’m sat here in my car as reality blurs
My own mother and sister look like one of the victim’s girls’
Who cried out for their father as I sniggered at them verminously
And shot their father dead in cold blood, mercilessly

Now as I’m about to pull the trigger to my head
I look around me as all my victims are lying dead
And all of their families crying out in agonising pain
As I did to others now fell upon me as I blew out my own brain


We believe we are being very clever coming up with new arguments to which to face the non-Muslims, but in reality it’s usually all been said long before and with a great deal more eloquence than we can manage ourselves.

Here someone is reciting “O Christ Worshippers,” a poem written by Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyyah (Rahimahullah), one of the greatest scholars and ascetics of our Ummah.