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Gun Violence Colour Chart 2017 Version


CAGE – 7 Facts The Home Office Concealed

“While arrests are often grandly announced in the media, a close look at their aftermath reveals that the overwhelming majority of those arrested are never charged under terrorism laws. An alarming 63% are not charged with any offence at all.”
– Asim Qureshi


Sheikh Haitham al Haddad explains in his own brilliant way that when the western thinkers, politicians and media say they have a problem with Salafism, we need to ask them to define what they mean because they have a problem with Islam and following the Quran and Sunnah.

The Sheikh who I’ve been listening to a great deal lately and had the chance to meet at the Sabeel midlands retreat recently has also by the will of Allaah changed my own views, that as Muslims we are not guests here in the UK, Europe or the west, and have as much right to articulate our own view on how things should be as anyone else.

That it is only through such rigorous debate and discussion we can create the space we need to promote and practice our deen openly without embarrassment or fear.