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Younus Kathrada – Taking the Good and Leaving the Bad in Speakers

“Pointing people toward speakers who are charismatic and have some good to share and spread while having major problems in ‘aqeedah is dangerous. To say that we listen to them and take the good and leave the bad is at best laughable. How is a lay person to know what is good and what is not? How do they decipher? That’s partially what got us where we are today to begin with. Deviants like Hamzah Yusuf, Nouman Ali Khan and others were being heavily promoted for years. I recall personally warning people and telling them to be cautious years ago. But, of course, I was being “extreme”, a hater and perhaps even jealous. These are the types of accusations which are quickly thrown out because they cannot be proven.

If I were to regret anything, it would be not being vocal and aggressive enough in warning.

In any event, I maintain what I have been saying for well over two decades; seek out scholars and students of knowledge in your area first and foremost from whom you can learn. Learn by their example and their teachings. Take recommendations of whom you should listen to online as well. It is not possible nor logical to say to the masses, listen to everyone and benefit from the good and leave the bad. Look at how many have gone totally astray as a result.

May Allah grant us sincerity and guide us to that which is best.”

~ Younus Kathrada