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‘Their Prayer At The House Was Nothing But Whistling and Clapping of Hands’

The future of Masjid al Haraam, with the same or perhaps worse at Masjid an Nabawi should ahlul bidah get their way again.

“And their prayer at the House (Ka’bah) was nothing but whistling and clapping of hands. So taste the torment because of what you used to disbelieve.”
Surah Al-Anfaal, 8:35


Important spoken word reminder by brother Masikah Abu Siddiq on the importance of seeking protection from evil eye and sihr through the correct methods set out in the Quran and Sunnah.

The small book, Fortress of the Muslims is usually available and given away free or very cheaply in many Islamic bookshops and when you go on Hajj / Umrah.

Here is an online copy for those who don’t have one on their bookshelves at home and there are free apps available for this for your smartphone.