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Abu Ubaydah ibn Al Jarraah (radiallahu anhu)

The Romans sent a man to negotiate with Abu Ubaydah ibn Al Jarraah but when he got there he couldn’t tell which of the Muslims he was as none of them looked to him like a governor should.

Roman: O Arabs, where is your leader?

Arabs: There he is.

Roman: [Upon locking eyes with Abu Ubaydah who was sitting on the ground with a bow on his shoulder and an arrow in his hand] Are you the leader of these men?

Abu Ubaydah: Yes

Roman: Then why are you sitting on the ground? Why don’t you sit on a cushion?

Abu Ubaydah: Allaah is not too shy to tell the truth and I shall tell you the truth about what you have said. I do not have any wealth; I own nothing but my horse, my weapon and my sword. Yesterday I needed some money and I had nothing, so I borrowed some money from this brother of mine (Mu’aadh ibn Jabal) who had some. He lent it to me. If I also had a rug or a cushion, I would not sit on it and exclude my brothers and companions; I would let my brother sit on it, for he may be better than me before Allaah. We are slaves of Allaah. We walk on the Earth, we sit on the ground, we eat on the ground, we lie down on the ground, and that does not lower us in status before Allaah at all. Rather Allaah increases our reward thereby and raises us in status, and thus we show humbleness before or Lord.

Radi’Allaahu ta’aala anh ♡

– Futoohush Shaam by Al Azdee p122.


Umar Ibn Al Khattaab gave the following advice to Ahnaf who he had employed as a governor, advice that is applicable to all of us:

O Ahnaf, one who laughs too much loses dignity; one who jokes too much loses respect; whoever does something a great deal, becomes known for it; one who speaks a great deal makes mistakes; one who makes many mistakes loses his sense of dignity. Whoever loses his sense of dignity loses his fear of God and whoever loses his fear of God is spiritually dead.

Radi’Allaahu ta’aala anh

– Sifatus Safwah 1/287


“Why is it that you gather that which you do not eat, build structures in which you do not live, and hope for that which you cannot get. Verily, during their times, the people of Aad and Thamood filled all the lands between Basrah and Aad with wealth, children, and livestock. But who is now willing to buy what they have left for just two Dirhams?”

– Abu Dardaa radi’allaahu ta’aala anh in his moving sermon addressing the people of Ash Shaam of which he was governor for a time.
– Al Iktifaa, by Al Kilaa’ee 3/211