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Muhammad Al-Bizry – 7 Different Qurans?

Important topic for the Muslims to learn about, something the jahil ignorant Muslims are ignorant about, to the extent they are falling into arguments and fitnah.

Especially with the disbelievers using this topic to attack the emaan of Muslims, and even one well known speaker expressing doubts about the Quran because of this topic.

May Allah guide us all to the truth, firm understanding and protect us from doubt, ameen


not sure if that was a real inshallah or an arabic no

Today too many Muslims, I would even go as far as saying the majority of Muslims, use Insha’Allaah as a ‘polite way’ of saying no, when it’s meaning is totally different.

So be careful when you use Insha’Allah, which is meant to mean to be saying that you’ll do you all can to see through the action you are speaking about so if Allaah wills it, it will happen.

Not “I’ve got no intention of doing this thing but if by some miracle of Allaah I’m forced into a situation where it happens, then it happens.”