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Ibn Arabi – Sufi, Heretic and now… TV Star?!?!

Assalaamu alaykum brothers and sisters,

The historical figure of Ibn Arabi was controversial to say the least, even among most of ahlul bidah his views could be viewed as unorthodox at best, outright kufr akbar would be a better understanding and this is how he is seen by the scholars of ahlus sunnah.

Concerning the people of Nooh ibn Arabi said: ‘if they had turned away from their worship of [their idols] Wudd, Siwaa’, Yaghooth and Ya’ooq, they would have lost more of Al-Haqq.’

Then he said: ‘Every object of worship is a manifestation of Al-Haqq. Those who know it, know it, and those who do not know it, do not know it. The one who has knowledge knows what he is worshipping and in what image the object of his worship is manifested. These many and varied manifestations are like the limbs of a physical image.’

This is just one of his kufr views, but he was a fringe figure, some may have heard of him with the odd quotes in books, but other than among the extreme  far out sufi fringe he was never popular or quoted widely.

It’s therefore sad to see some misguided fools promoting him through social media, often through a meme or quote from the hit TV historical fantasy ‘Resurrection Ertugrul’ whether he actually uttered these words or not in real life.

This is the depths the ummah has sunk to, we are quoting the made up words of a fantasy, Gandalfesque type TV-rendition of a heretic as Islamic reminders.

Brilliant, social media activists and wannabe Ertugrul following ghazi-warriors. Absolutely brilliant, that’s the right way to revive the ummah isn’t it?

For those wanting to know what the ulema have said regarding this zindiq (heretic) please click this link to Islam Q&A – Who was Ibn Arabi?

Assalaamu Alaykum,