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We believe we are being very clever coming up with new arguments to which to face the non-Muslims, but in reality it’s usually all been said long before and with a great deal more eloquence than we can manage ourselves.

Here someone is reciting “O Christ Worshippers,” a poem written by Ibn Al Qayyim Al Jawziyyah (Rahimahullah), one of the greatest scholars and ascetics of our Ummah.



Tommy ‘A-Man’ Evans of ‘Beard is Beautiful’ fame explains in a powerful spoken word the experiences of many white Muslims in Britain including myself.

The elation of reversion, before the gradual realization that not all is as it should be post shahadah, the needing to find your own way – to bridge that gap between Islam and British culture, whilst maintaining your own individuality.

His also touches on the blessing / curse of being white in a Muslim community still burdened with something of a colonized and / or cultural mindset in a way I’ve always struggled to articulate.


Important spoken word reminder by brother Masikah Abu Siddiq on the importance of seeking protection from evil eye and sihr through the correct methods set out in the Quran and Sunnah.

The small book, Fortress of the Muslims is usually available and given away free or very cheaply in many Islamic bookshops and when you go on Hajj / Umrah.

Here is an online copy for those who don’t have one on their bookshelves at home and there are free apps available for this for your smartphone.


Four wives a man can marry,
Four wives, as they say ;

The first wife will love you,
Respect you and obey;

The second, for you death
Will pray, night and day;

The third, will stab you
And you she will slay;

The fourth will bury you
Under dust and clay;

Let me show you, brothers
A better and safer way;

It is better for us not to risk our lives;
Better to carry knives than to marry wives!

By Bro. Abdul Hakim

four knives