Keep The Partitions Up

Gender mixing (ikhtilat) leads to flirting. Flirting leads to touching. Touching leads to zina. Zina leads to the destruction of marriage. The destruction of marriage leads to the downfall of family. The downfall of family leads to the end of humanity. Keep the partitions up.

~Daniel Haqiqatjou

3 thoughts on “Keep The Partitions Up

  1. Salaam

    Did you know that right above this entry on partition on your blog is an advertisement headed “Single muslims” with a picture of a girl with no hijab, long black hair, cleavage and loads of kohl and make up? Disturbing, Brother.


    1. Wa alaykumus salaam,

      No, didn’t know that but it’s a good point and cannot see the adds from this side.

      I can click a box for no indecent adds, but no no adds unless I make this a paid website which I cannot really afford right now.

      Now their idea of indecent and mine are obviously very different, and one of the problems in using the net on a ‘free’ service. The adds are not determined by myself, but by the cookies the add software at WordPress will detect on a readers comp as well as the subject on that page.


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