Salafi Feminist – “How Would You Feel If It Was Your Daughter?”

Taken from Salafi Feminist Blog –

“Brothers, how would you feel if someone abused your mother/ sister/ wife/ daughter?”


You don’t get it. Dearest shuyookh, your intentions are sweet, but you don’t get it.

Men DO abuse their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. They watch their mothers, sisters, wives and daughters be abused.

And they let it happen.

Maybe they don’t always approve of it. Maybe they feel bad. Maybe they genuinely think it’s terrible.

But they let it happen.

“She’s married now, we can’t interfere.”
“She needs to be more patient, all men get angry sometimes.”
“She just needs to stop being stubborn and get used to it.”
“Divorce is the most hated thing in the sight of Allah.”
“Men will handle their own business, we can’t get involved.”

And so another generation of sons, brothers, husbands and fathers grow up watching their womenfolk being lashed at with both words and fists. It’s normal, after all.

Some will break the cycle, recalling the horror they witnessed; these men, the true qawwam, will block the blows rained down upon their mothers and protect their daughters and show their wives only the greatest respect.

But many will not, because gheerah is no longer about protecting one’s womenfolk from harm, but about protecting male ego and so-called honour built upon insecurity.

“Brothers, how would you feel if someone abused your mother/ sister/ wife/ daughter?”

Not enough to make it stop.

3 thoughts on “Salafi Feminist – “How Would You Feel If It Was Your Daughter?”

  1. This is a disgusting antimale post. My father is a good and righteous man who would never hit or tolerate the abuse of a woman. So are most of my Muslim male relatives. Do YOU hit your wife or allow her to be abused?. Generalizations are hateful and benefit no one. You need to grow a pair and not post this garbage. There is no such thing as a Salafi feminist. This is offensive. There are bad Muslim men and there are righteous ones. Stop screaming at goodhearted Muslims, the only ones who care enough to listen to your screeds, for the actions of those who DON’T care. You care about abuse of women, go preach to Saudi Arabians.


    1. So much wrong with this comment I am not sure where to begin, so in reverse order of importance…

      1. Nothing to do with saudi, I am not saudi, I don’t live there, nor do I have much to do with it however neither does this post. Bit of a random thrown in at the end for no reason?

      2. Yes salafi-feminist is an oxymoron, however a lot of her posts contain good arguments and quite frankly I find feminism to be a lot less of a problem in our ummah than misogyny which is it’s cause, get rid of the later and the former has no traction anymore.

      3. I’m not screaming, at goodhearted Muslims or anyone else. If my post bothers you feel free to comment, or just ignore. But emotional language makes a poor argument and only lowers yourself and your opinions in the eyes of others.

      4. Generalizations are just that, generalizations. I.e not particular to any individual. It’s a general trend or observation and not meant to be taken as a personal insult or dig at yourself as a reader or anyone you know.

      If however a generalization bites at you, or bothers you it’s either because it’s untrue or it’s something which may have some truth to it with yourself or those you know, feel free to correct yourself or your loved ones in that situation, otherwise it’s not addressed to you is it?

      5. Good for you that you have such a practicing family, however this is not the experience of some others. Not all, but some within the community. And it doesn’t help when people try to brush their experiences and problems under the carpet, or just ignore their situation which is what you’re trying to do here.

      Our deen has a duty for enjoining the ma’roof and forbidding the munkar in society, Allah and His Messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa salam) have mentioned it repeatedly in the Quran and Sunnah.

      So if we see something evil, we have a duty to try to stop it, and if not then speak up about it.


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