High Heels – Islamic or Not?


Whenever I hear a sister go past in heels it always reminds me of this part of the verse on covering…
‘And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment.’

3 thoughts on “High Heels – Islamic or Not?

    1. Aisha… so much wrong in such a small comment.

      Am I a misogynist for discussing high heels or being against them, if so are the many feminists who also view high heels as damaging to the cause of women also misogynists?

      Or is this purely because I am a man?
      If so do you hold back on discussing any issue involving men only like… I don’t know beards for example?

      You say I have a funny looking beard, but there isn’t a single pic of me on the site so do I know you personally or are you just commenting such because I mention I am ginger?
      If the later is this not also more hypocrisy on your part?

      Or is it because I am a Muslim, and discussing the issue from the basis of Islamic teachings?

      You put your name down as Aisha Bukhari, so assuming at this point you are Muslim, do you have an issue with men, Muslims or just ginger people having a go at high heels?

      ps. I’ve removed your promotional link btw.

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