Participating in Non-Muslim Celebrations – Sheikh Feiz Muhammad

At this  time of year especially many Muslims living in the west, especially reverts (new-Muslims) are faced with a dilemma of whether to join in with the festivals of the disbelievers, or whether to remain distinct and apart from such even if that may offend their work colleagues, friends, neighbours and even family members.

Here Sheikh Feiz Muhammad explains the Islamic ruling on this important topic, may Allah reward him abundantly and keep us all steadfast upon the true deen, ameen

1 thought on “Participating in Non-Muslim Celebrations – Sheikh Feiz Muhammad

  1. If people are offended that we don’t partake in their religious festivities then it is because they choose to be offended. When their holidays are not recognized by the government, unknown to the public, and sometimes even banned from being practised then they can take offense. Their offense shows arrogance, impatience, ignorance, and xenophobia. If we asked them to fast during Ramadan or give zaakat on Eid they would think we were crazy. But they totally expect us to adhere to their beliefs all the while knowing we don’t accept Jesus as God and celebrate his false birthday. What it comes down to is wanting to be like them and be accepted by them. Muslims already know it is haram but choose to do it because they don’t want to upset these people who have no right to be upset. There are ways of fostering community and family without adhering to their traditions.

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