Here is a copy of the full report commissioned by 5 Pillars on ‘Normative Islam’ i.e what can be considered the normal practice and beliefs of the Muslims in the UK, as pretty much agreed across all mainstream Islamic groups.

The importance of  this report is vital for the current debate taking place in the UK establishment’s attempts to deform, distort and change Islam to something more pleasing and palatable to secular / liberal / democratic values in the UK.

It can now be shown that when they seek to cast doubt over islamic teachings, claiming differences of opinion, or ‘some scholars’ disagree etc, we can now quite clearly show with empirical proof that the overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars / thinkers / speakers / leaders across the UK are with us on this and a few crackpots cannot alter that, no matter how much they are loved by the liberal media arm of the British establishment who seek to amplify their voice.

May Allaah (subhana wa ta’ala) reward the brothers and sisters involved in 5 Pillars for all their efforts in pulling everyone together from so many different strands of Islamic thought to produce this report, and guide those non-Muslim professionals and acedemics who have brought it all together, ameen


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