5. Josh Strauss

Josh-Strauss-is-all-smile-010Showing the weak-willed girly men who shave their beards just how manliness is done, the award for beard of the month Feb 2016 has to go Josh Strauss, Rugby Union flanker for Scotland and Glasgow Warriors.

Look at that beard! Rugby players getting all the mentions this month, due to their efforts in promoting the proper manly way of keeping facial hair and scaring the crap out the metrosexual Pogonophobia sufferers out there.

Honourable mentions given to the following players, especially Gonzalo Garcia who knocked the stuffing out of Owen Farrell in a huge tackle in the Italy – v – England game, even though I was supporting England it was a thing of beauty to watch.

Gonzalo Garcia

2.Martin Castrogiovani

3.George Biagi

4.Jake Ball

As you can see three Italian players are in there sporting proper beards, clearly trying to make up for the disaster for manliness that the Roman Empire brought to the world by popularizing shaving.

(please note my disdain is only for those who shave, not for those who cannot grow a beard through no fault of their own)


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