big beardHow come most of the brothers we hear going on about polygamy being their right, and it being part of the sunnah cannot even establish the sunnah over their own chin and cheeks and grow a beard?

(I’m talking about those who can grow a beard of-course, no blame is attached to those who cannot in Islam)

Actually the beard is wajib, according to the strongest evidence, however this only reinforces the point.

Islam Q&A – Is the beard obligatory or just a sunnah?

Yes brothers you claim polygamy is the sunnah, and you are right, it is, but so are many other things which are easier to practice which you miss out on.

If in this society all the pressure from cultures – east and west, society, family, career and education is to shave and you cannot even grow more than a few days stubble on your cheeks how can you seriously expect to cope with all the pressures when it comes to a much more difficult matter like polygamy?


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