“The reality is that monogamy protects the males right to play around without any responsibility, since the incidence of infidelity among them is usually much higher than that among females. The pill and easy access to abortions opened the door to illicit sex and the female wanted to join in the fun. In spite of her natural and general inclination towards meaningful relationships, she became caught up in the so-called sexual revolution. However, she is still the one who suffers from the side effects of the pill, coil and the loop or the trauma of abortion in much the same way as she suffered in the past the same of child birht out of wedlock.

Meanwhile the male continues to enjoy himself worry-free, aside from the recent plagues of venereal diseases, herpes and AIDS which are now causing many to reassess their sexual habits. Males in general continue to be protected by monogamy, whilst prostitutes, call girls, mistresses, secretaries, models, actresses, store clerks, waitresses and girl friends remain in their playground. The fact is that institutional polygyny is vehemently opposed by male-dominated western society because it would force men to fidelity. It would oblige them to take socio-economic responsibility for the fulfillment of the polygynous desires and provide protection for women and children from mental and physical abuse.”

Bilal Philips and Jameela Jones, ‘Polygamy in Islam’ P16



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